Lockman Security offers a number of services for land lords, rental properties and other businesses.

Broken Lock Replacement

Broken locks are a part of the game when you own property. Call on us to ensure that your repairs are done swiftly and correctly!

ReKeying Services09.29.2015 005

Have you had an employee or tenant leave? We offer rekeying services to ensure your properties are protected from unauthorized access. Consider the use of copywrited keys to maintain an even higher level of security! Copywrited keys are protected in such a way that big box stores are not allowed (or often times capable) of creating duplicates. This means limited access and better protection for your property.

Electronic Lock System Design

  • Employees leaving – we rekey locks to prevent unauthorized access
  • Replace broken locks – you put your blood sweat and tears in to your business, make sure it’s secure!
  • Forclosures – rekey house so the past owners can’t get access
  • System design for electronic locks – push button access for buildings